Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to digital sign solutions, several factors are consistent across the board. The basic functionality of a media player that is connected to the Internet on one side and the other side to the TV. With so many televisions, cable systems and hardware options the variables are endless.

The following are troubleshooting techniques and common customer questions that have worked in our labs and for customers in the field. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact your representative or email us.

01- Screen Issues

This is an effect of the monitor cropping the image. Utilizing most remotes there will be a menu, zoom or crop feature that needs to be adjusted. Please consult the monitor's owners manual. You can verify that the media player is sending the correct signal by using the "picture" icon in the "stations" dialogue of the software.

This can happen when mounting a vertical system as the monitor is mounted differently then the tested system in our labs. Please contact us and we will take care of it for you.

The ticker is created utilizing several technologies. When tested in our labs, we determined that settings between 60-70 is sufficient. If this has been changed, please reset it in the RSS Properties Tab. Alternatively, the ticker may be affected by the amount of processing power being utilized. If the graphics are system taxing or requiring streaming or downloading information, this may affect the ticker and may require a hardware upgrade.

02- Updating

Please check internet connectivity of the system in the console. While news-feeds will be cached for a certain amount of days, the weather is not. If the system is unable to access information through a live, unfiltered internet connection, then it will either go blank or be outdated.

For the studio manager, it will automatically prompt you to update when opening the software. When that prompt appears, it is a best practice to also update the players with the "Download Software" link inside of the "stations" dialogue. You can see the version of the studio manager in the bottom right of the login screen.

03- Connectivity

If the Controller is running, then this is most often caused by our servers being blocked by either your firewall or internet provider. Verify that the Internet can be access opening a web page on the browser or contact us to verify remote access. Upon request, we will send the IP Addresses of our Servers.

In most cases, the MAC address of the player needs to be provided to your provider customer service in order to circumvent the challenge screen. Please contact us if you need assistance accessing this information.

The content is preloaded on the system and not streamed. The bandwidth usage will be determined by the content that is downloaded through updates and any streaming content that is added, such as You Tube, Media RSS Feeds, etc. It is advised to download videos rather then stream through links where applicable.

04- Software

As of May 2014, we are on version 4.12.38 of the media software. The studio software will prompt to be updated, at which time it is advised to update the player which can be done remotely. The studio version can be seen in the bottom right of the login screen and the player version can be seen in the "stations" dialogue.

In the "stations" dialogue there is an icon to update the software. When doing this, the software will stop the signage player and trigger a download. Once the download is complete, it will automatically install and restart the player.

It is a good practice to keep the studio and player on the same version. Some technology pundits suggest only updating software as needed, so the option is yours.

This can occur when the software is trying to connect to the Internet or tried to load drivers and had issues. If the internet connection requires a security code or there has been changes to the Internet, then this may be an issue. Otherwise, if you can refresh the system from the studio -- that may solve the issue. As a last resort, restart the system. If it continues, please contact us.

In order to launch updates, the system needs to be refreshed through the 'stations' dialogue. If this has been done and has not worked, then try to empty the cache. This will remove all the old content and download fresh content from the servers.

Under the 'resources' navigation you can click on any object and see the relevant information on the right hand panel. Within the 'timeline' you can double click any object and get a preview. Note that the previews are shown in proportion to the box size, not the actual size on the screen. In order to see the actual system preview, click on the HTML 5 link and copy and paste the link to a browser. Your computer screen resolution must be set to match the campaign - usually either 720x1280 or 1920x1080.

05- Custom Scene Editor

The first aspect is to check the layering of content. Highlight the object name and then use the arrows up to bring to the top. Otherwise, check the colors.

There is a variable under properties to maintain proportion of content, including videos and images, in the right column once a resource is chosen.

have over 20 standard clocks in the system that function in a variety of ways. The digital clock pulls information from the local computer. Graphical clocks work differently. When you click on a clock you will be shown a property dialogue to the right that will indicate Offset time based on GMT. Adjust this number and it will show up immediately in the preview. In this case the minutes (and seconds) are pulled from the computer.

A shortcut allows you to manipulate the scene from within the scene editor. This is great for creating templates such as lease specials, menus and announcements that you will want to change often. In this situation you don't have to go to the timeline once changes are made, it is automatically adjusted. Copying a scene creates a duplicate that can only be replaced to make additional changes -- or removed from the timeline completely. In most situations we recommend using the shortcut method.

The Digital Dealership System has content that pulls information from other resources that can be layered in the same way as resources into a specific scene. These components include:

  • RSS News with Images
  • Media RSS, Rich Text
  • Stock Symbols
  • QR Codes
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Web Cams
  • Clock
  • Weather
  • Rich Text with over 50 Fonts

These can be pulled into a scene, layered and combined together to create a cohesive "image" to your sign project.

06- Adding Devices

We only charge per media player. With today's offerings, you are able to split the output as many times as desired with no additional charges. Each system will play the exact same content at the exact same time.

Currently, adding additional systems requires you to contact us to order the correct media player and service plan.

digital dealership system

The Digital Dealership System is the premier digital media sign solution for car dealerships. The custom designed, high-definition digital system integrates the dealer message on screens in the lounge, showroom, finance department, service bay and sales office. Marketing the auto dealer's branded message on digital media signs increases the awareness of store products, services, specials and market position to new and existing customers throughout the car dealership.