Author Topic: Connecting or Verifying an Internet Connection  (Read 1277 times)


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Connecting or Verifying an Internet Connection
« on: October 08, 2015, 08:54:01 AM »
These instructions are included in your installation guide.

To connect to the internet, please proceed with the following:

1) Connect a keyboard and mouse to the media player

2) Click windows key and the letter i
*** this will bring up icons on the left where one will say "network" or "wifi"

3) Click this icon and select the network you want to connect to -- check "connect automatically"
*** make sure that this network doesn't have a challenge screen or button to click to access

4) Windows Key and letter i
*** power, restart

5) Windows Key and letter r -- type: iexplore
*** this confirms that you are connected to the internet

Email to receive confirmation that the system is connected correctly and we can see you through our TWO monitoring networks

If you need to hard-code the IP Address for network routing
(please do not filter using our ips)

1) Access Control Panel
*** windows key and the letter i -- control panel link on the right
*** windows key and the letter r -- type: control panel

2) Network and Internet (category view)

3) Network and Sharing Center

4) Change Adapter Settings

5) Right click on the access that you are using (wireless or wired) and continue to properties

our systems are sent DCHP -- if you are in this section and it isn't familiar, please contact your tech department.

Please contact for any questions or to confirm access